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India’s tigers are back at last — here’s where you’ll see them

THE SUNDAY TIMES | 12 APRIL 2023 As Project Tiger, India’s landmark conservation programme, celebrates 50 years, Chris Haslam visits one of its most successful big cat reserves

Jamtara Wilderness Camp, Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA

Conde Nast Traveller | November 2020 It was an ancient banyan tree that first drew owner Amit Sankhala to this spot and that is how Jamtara was conceived.

32 safari lodges and camps in India that are now open

Conde Nast Traveller | 08 November 2020 Does anything say social distancing like being out in the wild with more animal insight than humans? India’s national parks are open once again, with a range of safety protocols in place.

3 tips from a tiger conservationist you need to keep in mind before your safari trip

VOGUE | 03 March 2020 Before you embark on your next animal-focused adventure, consider these insights from Amit Sankhala, one of the most well-known names in India’s tiger community

Launches, Announcements, and Offers from across the World

JET WINGS | Feburary 2019 Get enveloped in the world that inspired Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Pench National Park is home to some of the most gorgeous wild beasts.

Combing attention to detail with simple living, this camp is your gateway to Pench

Conde Nast Traveller | JAN 2018 If you're visiting Pench National park and are looking for an exclusive jungle experience Jamtara Wilderness Camp close to the Karmakhiri gate is a perfect choice.

Utterly gorgeous safari gateways for those who love with wild abandon

The Travel | DEC 2017 Kanha and Bandhavgarh are Madhya Pradesh's best-known national parks but when it comes to something romantic, Pench comes up high on the list.

With Mobile Camping, Remote Destinations and Light Footprints

The New York Times | 05 December 2017 At Jamtara Wilderness Camp in Pench National Park, guests can sleep under the stars in a traditional machaan, an open-air platform bed built on high stilts, which allows guests to witness the jungle come alive at sunrise

Spend a night in the Start Bed, a four poster bed placed on a 'machan' outdoors.

VOGUE | April 2017 Set in the heart of rural Pench, this luxury property is located near the tiger reserve of the Pench National Park.

Jamtara Wilderness Camp | Inspiring Travel Magazine

Get Lost | Feburary 2017 Sleep amid prowling wildlife in rural India at Jamatra Wilderness Camp. Pitched right by a forest, this luxury glamping lodge gives guests the chance to get up close to nature..

Ten Truly Remote Places Where Your Boss Can’t Track You Down

Bloomberg | 24 Feburary 2017 One helpful staff member of the romantic Jamtara Wilderness Camp, near tiger-filled Pench National Park in India, told us that if we really wanted cell phone reception..


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER | January 2017 It was October in Delhi, and the days were getting cooler. The city's air was bad and getting worse by the minute. I struggled to breathe comfortably, plagued by sinus headaches for the first time in my life.

Where to See Tigers in India | Jamtara brings the safari to India

Outside Online | 19 Feburary 2016 At the new Jamtara Wilderness Camp, founder Amit Sankhala turned that tradition on its head, with an outdoor four-poster bed that can be reserved by guests on clear nights to welcome nocturnal wildlife encounters.

Five campsites in national parks around India that let you rough it out in luxury

Architectural Digest | 03 June 2016 Want to answer the call of the wild but are worried about chipping a nail—or something worse? We bring you five luxury camps that let you enjoy rough


Conde Nast Traveller | MAY 2015 Avijit Dutta, the resident naturalist here, has an infectious enthusiasm for every detail of the park's fauna and flora. The big draw is the chance of a tiger leopard sighting.

How to spend it | SHREE CALM

FINANACIAL TIMES | Feburary 2015 Wildlife tourism in India may have grown by more than 25 percent in the past decade, but the tiger - the safari star attraction - numbers just over 1,700 Remarkably, Stanley Stewart

Wilderness camps, big cats and a calming spa in the hills

DISCOVER INDIA | Feburary 2015 No sensible person, I was told, goes on holiday to India for a week. The country is made up of almost a million square miles of land, from the Himalayan mountains

Experience Heaven: Book a Star Bed!

Outside Online | 05 Feburary 2015 If you love sleeping under the sky, you should try it in the coziest way possible—within the snug confines of a plush outdoor bed.

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