Observation Chart

Naturalist Observation Chart for
Pench February 2014 onwards

Date and Time(approx.) Place of Occurrence Observation
30/01/14 03:00 PM On the Banyan tree inside the property 5 Malabar Pied Hornbills feeding on the Ficus fruit
08:15PM Banyan Tree inside property. Territorial battle of two Common Indian Palm Civets
01/02/14 06:00 PM From the star bed A single Brown Fish Owl sighted
02/02/14 06:00 PM Cheria Maidaan Single Male Gaur active and grazing.
08:30 PM Banyan Tree inside property. Larger of two Civets chasing one smaller in size.
03/02/14 07:00 AM Sukur Pen Fresh spotted Deer kill, only a small portion eaten
09:15 AM Waterhole before Alikatta Rhesus Macaque aggression towards a single Jackal.
10:00 AM Sukur Pen Kill dragged and eaten further on
04/02/14 07:10 AM Sukur Pen Short sighting of Tiger on the kill, showing extremely shy behaviour, male or female inconclusive.
09:30 AM Alikatta Meadows Pack of 12 Wild Dogs playful and relaxed.
10:00 AM Alikatta Meadows Same pack with full bellies on the move after a kill. One observed with the head of a young chital stag.
10:10 AM Alikatta Meadows Same Pack observed excreting at the junction of roads.
05/02/14 06:35 PM Ficus tree near the Machaan Indian Giant Flying Squirrel observed gliding into the woods.
06/02/14 11:30 AM Buffer behind the star bed A single Brown Fish Owl sighted in the distance, along with a mixed flock of birds nearby including Sulphur Bellied Warbler
08/02/14 06:50 AM Main road at Jamtara inside the park Young Female Tiger observed showing extreme shy nature towards the presence of a single jeep. Disappears behind Lantarna bushes.
04:00 PM At Pench River across Cheria Maidaan Meadows Pair of Common Palm Civets observed getting out of water.
04:30 PM Near to main road nala Single Jackal seen scavenging on a dead Langur
09/02/14 08:30 AM At Rayakassa 4 Male Red Jungle Fowls seen together
02:45 PM Near Bakore Camp at Jamtara Two female Chausingha observed with herd of Spotted Deer, very shy nature
03:00 PM Near Bakore Camp at Jamtara A single Langur on its last breaths, no injury marks found on body, no reaction to the effort of reviving by sprinkle of water.
10/02/14 05:30 PM In the Buffer at Kuliya Tongi Single Gaur sighted
05:45 PM Near Mahadev Ghat A single Jackal feeding on the leg of a Spotted Deer Fawn which seemed to have been stacked up in a pile of twigs.
12/02/14 02:15 PM Between Tent no 4 and 3 inside the lodge Jungle Cat sighted
16/02/14 08:00 AM Karmajhiri area Female Tiger sighted
21/02/14 05:45 PM From the star bed looking to the ficus on the buffer side A pair of Brown Fish Owl sighted
23/02/14 06:50 PM On the Banyan tree inside the lodge Pair of Palm Civets sighted
24/02/14 09:15 AM In the buffer bordering with the tents. Changeable Hawk Eagle sighted
06:20 PM Road in the parking area inside the lodge Tracks of a single Canid, possibly Ferrell Dog, or Jackal.
25/02/14 03:15 PM On the Banyan Tree Indian Grey Hornbills and Yellow Footed Green Pigeons seen feeding together on the fig fruits
26/02/14 05:40 PM From the Star Bed Flock of Plum Headed Parakeets observed feeding on the Wheat crops in the fields.
06:45 PM From the Star Bed A pair of Common Palm Civet sighted on the nearest Ficus tree from the star bed
27/02/14 On a ficus near Tent 7 and 8 Single Common Indian Palm Civet and Flying Fox/ Indian Fruit Eating Bat feeding on the fig fruits in close proximity to each other not bothered by each other’s presence.
01/03/14 04:15 PM At Mahadev Ghat Osprey sighted for the first time,  hunting for fish over the Pench river
05:25 PM On the way to Cheria Maidaan from Mahadev Ghat Male Sloth Bear sighted, showing extreme shyness to tourist vehicle, scampering across the nala.
03/03/14 08:10 AM Lantana Forest near Sita Ghat Continuous alarm calls of Langurs for almost half an hour
08:20 AM Near to Alikatta crossing Collarwali Female Tiger sighted
04/03/14 04:40 PM Sagon Van Tigress sighted, in stalking and hunting mode, alarm by Peakcock, Langurs and Spotted Deer together, single Wild Boar around observed confused to the situation,  moving round.
06/03/14 06:30 AM Buffer area road from Jamtara to Kumbhpani Single Leopard sighted crossing the road.
07/03/14 03:00 PM Inside the property near Tent 9 Jungle Cat sighted
08/03/14 09:30 AM near tank inside the property Jungle Cat observed in hunting mode in between high grass
12/03/14 06:15 AM From Star Bed Single Sambar stag sighted in nearby buffer.
15/03/14 06:45 AM Buffer across the naala from Tent 4 2 Female Nilgai and a fawn sighted, extremely shy to the Naturalist’s presence.
16/03/14 04:45 PM On the pench river Pack of 5 Wild Dogs sighted
17/03/14 07:15 AM In between Lantana bsuesh outside the parking near nala A pair of Tailor Birds sighted near their nest calling in a rhythmic tone
18/03/14 08:30 AM At Alikatta Breakfast Point Indian Vulture, Crested Serpent Eagle and Honey Buzzard, all seen flying high above, with the Vulture at the highest of all.
09:10 AM At Mulkunda waterhole Nilgai, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Langurs and Rhesus Macaque all feeding near each other, with Spotted Deer on alert with tales up to the passing of a pair of Jackals.
10:30 AM On main road from Karmajhiri gate Shikra atop a branch looking for Prey down below, at ease with presence of vehicle.
03:25 PM 50 metres from Karmajhiri gate A pair of Jackals with hackles up, playing with each other, reassurance of bonding observed among the pair.
04:30 PM At Bijumatta Talaab 4 Indian Soft shell Turtles observed regulating their bodies under the sun, on a dead log emerging from the water.
19/03/1406:25 PM Outside Karmajhiri Gate between National Park and Buffer Matriarchal Gaur herd observed grazing and browsing on lantana along with calves, comfortable with the presence of vehicles.
20/03/14 06:30 AM Main road near to Kullu tek pahari Flashing glimpse of a Leopard, disappearing into the ravine down below in seconds, showing extreme shyness to the vehicle.
07:50 AM Near Mulkunda Indian Palm squirrel single parent seen with juvenile basking in the sun, lying falt on the main branch.
08:20 AM Near Alikatta Meadow 4 Jackals feeding on a Decent Sized Fresh Spotted Deer Kill, Jungle Crows observed scavenging bits of meat from the side, causing irritation to the feeding Jackals.
08:50 AM Jamunala Bijumatta Tiraha Black Hooded Oriole seen feeding on Mahua fruit, Common Lagurs feeding on Bombax Ceiba flower
21/03/14 06:45 AM Near to Jora Munara Camp, road to Jhandi Matta. Sharp alarm calls of Spotted Deer, all running to have a look down a ravine, calls continue with much tension amongst the herd.
08:10 AM Near to Bijumatta Jamunala tiraha Single Jackal scavenging on a Spotted Deer kill, 3 Jungle crows around taking bits and pieces, quarrels among the crows, with two teaming against one, pecking it down to the ground.
22/03/14 06:30 AM Jhandi Matta Weaver Ant Nests sighted on a Kusum tree
07:45 AM Near to Bijumatta Jamunala tiraha Two Jackals finishing off of what’s left of the Spotted Deer kill.
08:00 AM Bijumatta Jamun nala tiraha Common Langurs observed feeding on the Mahua fruit.
04:30 PM Gol Pahari Meadow Indian Rollers rolling display, first time this season, Chestnut Shouldered Petronias preparing for nesting
23/03/14 07:20 AM Mulkunda area Crested Hawk Eagle on a fresh kill of an Indian Palm Squirrel.
07:45 AM Enroute from Aliktta to Juniwani A pair of Green Bee Eaters hunting and feeding on bees.
08:40 AM Alikatta down at the river A pair of Osprey sighted together
04:45 PM Near Jora munara enroute from Jhandi Matta Alarm calls of Jungle Fowl, Spotted Deer alert with tales up, A Jungle Cat sighted.
06:35 PM Outside Karmajhiri Gate, between National Park and Buffer Gaur herd sighted, with two males interlocked in a serious battle.
24/03/14 04:30 PM Grassland area ahead of Bijumatta Talaab Spotted Deer alert, Large Indian Civet sighted walking past by small herd of Deer.
05:00 PM Pyorthadi dike area Mixed herd of Sambar, Spotted Deer, and Nilgai observed gazing on the meadow before reservoir.
25/03/14 07:00 AM Ahead of Boda Nala Camp Single male Wild Boar using  incisors to dig into the soft roots
07:10 AM Jora Munara Boda Nala Jhadi matta tiraha Single Male Gaur browsing on lantana plant
07:30 AM Jora Munara ahead of Camp Single alarm of Spotted Deer
07:40 AM Jora Munara ahead of Camp Roaring of Tiger
07:50 AM Jora Munara ahead of Camp Karma Male Tiger roaring and calling for mate, walking on the road,Dropping on the road with scrape marking , sniffing of plants. Walked into Sagon Van area
08:30 AM Opposite to Sagon Van, open area, enroute to Kullu tek Pahari Jackal Pups near den playing with each other, with a single parent seen with them.
03:30 PM Mulkunda Pair of White Eyed Buzzards observed together.
03:50 PM Mulkunda waterhole Pair of Grey Headed Fish Eagles together, one feeding on fish, one in hunting mode.
04:10 PM Juniwani Talaab Tigress seen cooling off at waterhole
04:40 PM Juniwani Talaab Pack of 5 Wild Dogs seen approaching waterhole for drink
04:45 PM Juniwani Talaab and Meadows nearby Tigress seen chasing off Alpha male Wild Dog of the pack, Wild Dogs making mocking calls and warning calls to each other of danger, also distracting her from different directions.
05:30 PM Near Alikatta Meadows Same Wild Dog pack of 5 sighted, dropping at junction of roads, playing with each other reinforcing bonds, Alpha Male and Alpha Female along with 3 young dogs , one observed limping
26/03/14 08:30 AM Pyorthadi area enroute from Bijumatta to Juniwani Continuous alarm of Langurs, glimpse of a Leopard sighted.
27/03/14 06:10 AM Main road straight from Karmajhiri gate Pair of Porcupines spotted with guests
06:15 AM Baas Nala Old Pug marks of female Leopard
06:20 AM Boda nala road Fresh Pug marks of Tiger walked on the road for a km roughly and pug marks leading backwards
07:10 AM Towards Jora Munara Camp from Bage nala direction. Reporting of Tigress having walked into the direction
29/03/14 08:30 AM Sagon Van Karma Male Tiger sighted
08:45 AM Near Mulkunda area Single Jackal seen making a kill of a Spotted Deer fawn, the other arriving and both feeding while it is still alive.
30/03/14 08:00 AM Gol Pahari meadows Monitor Lizard sighted for the first time this season, seen disappearing into t hole on the ground surface.
08:30 AM Mahadev Ghat Pair of Grey Headed Fish Eagle sighted together
31/03/14 07:00 AM Lantana bushes near to Mahadev Ghat Rhesus Macaque alarming followed by Langurs
07:40 AM Across the Pench River Pair of Malabar Pied Hornbills sighted together, and Weaver Ant nests sighted on Mahua Tree.
01/04/14 06:15 PM In the buffer, forest road from Jamtara to Kumbhpani A Single Sloth Bear sighted moving towards tikari forest area.
02/04/14 05:15 PM In the buffer at Kuliya Tongi Recent Sloth Bear Scats discovered on the rocks, scat revealing mixed diet of Mahua and Bugs.
03/04/14 03:00 AM From the star bed, on the border of Buffer and open fields Two medium sized Sloth Bear Cubs sighted
05:00 AM From  the Star Bed 4 Brown Fish Owls sighted
10:30 AM Amongst the rubble and pile of wood near Tent 9 and construction area Pit Viper Related Serpent sighted, Indian Cat Snake or Saw scaled Viper inconclusive.
05/04/14 08:30 PM In the Buffer on the forest road between Jamtara and Kumbhpani A Pair of Leopards sighted, male and female, although maintaining distance, not too shy to the vehicle.
06/04/14 07:00 AM At Sagon Van Strong alarm calls of Langurs and Spotted Deer
07:30 AM At Mulkunda area Rhesus Macaques observed feeding on the Chiranji fruit
06:20 PM At Jhandi Matta Pack of 5 Wild Dogs sighted, alpha male and female observed playing to reassure bonds.
07/04/14 06:10 AM On the road to Bakore Camp Male Leopard sighted crossing, extremely shy to the presence of vehicle, Langurs and Spotted Deer alarming and extremely nervous.
07:00 AM At Jamtara Waterhole A black Stork sighted for the first time this season
07:20 AM On the Pench River while crossing from Cheria Maidaan camp Stork billed Kingfisher sighted for the first time.
08:10 AM At Jhandi Matta A Shikra looking for prey and extremely at ease with close proximity to the vehicle.
03:40 PM Road enroute from Mahadev Ghat to Cheria Maidaan A Ruddy mongoose seen taking shade at the base of a ficus tree followed by climbing up the tree.
08/04/14 08:10 AM Ahead of Rayakassa towards Alikatta Wild Boar seen chasing a pair of Jackals away to scavenge on a spotted deer kill himself.
08:45 AM At Sagon Van Strong alarm calls of Langurs on one side followed by Chital on the other, ignoring the presence of forest labourers on foot, alarm of langurs continuing for a good 20 minute
03:05 PM At the entrance of Jamtara gate Fan Throated Lizard observed regulating its body temperature
04:45 PM From Mahadev Ghat Collar wali Tigress sighted for 20 minutes, stalking Spotted Deer at first, then going for Wild Boar, unsuccessful hunt.
09/04/14 04:45 PM At Juniwani waterhole Indian Soft shell Turtle observed regulating body temperature on a piece of log emerging from the water, 3 peacocks, displaying with four Pea hens around.
09:50 PM Buffer forest beyond Kumbhpani Old pug marks of a Male Tiger having walked near the road.
10/04/14 09:30 PM In buffer, forest between Jamtara and Kumbhpani Common Palm Civet sighted climbing up the Mahua tree, another sighted moving inwards towards forest road leading to Tikari
11/04/14 06:45 AM At Cheria Maidaan Camp Nest observed of Indian grey Hornbills
07:15 AM Rayakassa Pack of 5 Wild Dogs sighted moving towards the Pench river
08:30 PM In Buffer Jamtara beat Fresh Pug marks of male Tiger having walked from tikari side via jamtara towards Kumbhpani beat
12/04/14 07:15 AM Tikari Sukur Pen Tiraha while driving from Cheria Camp towards Sukur Pen A pair of Wild Dogs with a young pup on the move, before running out of sight towards Pench river
03:20 PM On Main Road from Karmajhiri Gate A melansitic white Rhesus Macaque sighted
03:30 PM Main road, near Kullu tek Pahari A Crested Hawk Eagle sighted  feeding on a parakeet.
04:10 PM Tigress Wild Dog encounter, Wild Dogs alarming continously
04:35 PM At Juniwani Waterhole Same Tigress sighted moving towards Juniwani waterhole, seen cooling at the waterhole, and looking worn out and fatigued, an exaggerated slow walk out of the waterhole after 10 minutes or so.
06:00 PM At Mulkunda waterhole Crested Serpent Eagle with a serpent in its claw.
06:20 PM On main road near Kullu tek Pahari A pair of Malabar Pied Hornbills sighted
13/04/14 08:20 AM A pair of Wild Dogs sighted resting, alert and up to the passing Jackal. Jackal maintaining distance and moving away from the pair of Dogs.
05:15 PM At Pyorthadi enroute Bijumatta and Juniwani Jackal single parent sighted with 3 pups just out of their dens.
05:20 PM At Pyorthadi enroute Bijumatta and Juniwani 3 Indian Rollers sighted, 2 males and single female, males putting up a breeding displaying of rolling before female is observed choosing one with an acceptance behaviour, both using a tree hole as real estate, while the reject male looks on, sighting for almost 35 mins
14/04/14 05:10 PM Pyorthadi Two Jackals with their hackles up, one with an aggressive posture bearing its teeth and appearing larger, the other with  tail between the legs, but feeding on an old kill, after a squabble where one accepts dominance of the other, is allowed to feed.
05:15 PM Enroute to Pyorthadi from Bijumatta talaab Spotted Deer observed with tales up and alert to the passing of a Ruddy Mongoose.
15/04/14 07:00 AM At Lantana Bushes near Sita Ghat Indian Hare sighted perfectly camouflaged in the bush, not a single movement even to the sounds and manoeuvring of the vehicle
08:00 AM At Golpahari Maidaan Egyptian Vulture sighted soaring high above, A single Indian Vulture sighted on the meadow itself, A pair of Grey Headed fish Eagles sighted together on the dry branches overlooking the river.
18/04/14 11:00 AM Near tank and rocks inside lodge premises Indian Rat Snakes observed by lodge staff in combat.
19/04/14 08:15 AM Near Juniwani Waterhole A pair of Sloth Bears sighted, extremely shy towards the presence of vehicles, running towards Kalapahari.
20/04/14 04:30 PM Meadow near juniwani waterhole Monitor Lizard sighted atop a tree with a flock of 4 parakeets mobbing it and alarming continuously.
05:50 PM Near Bijiumatta, Jamanala, Kalapahari tiraha Pack of 5 Wild Dogs sighted and on the move towards Alikatta
21/04/14 06:15 AM On the main road from Karmajhiri gate Sambar Deer observed browsing on lantana
07:30 AM At Mulkunda Major portion of Langur troop observed attending to a single baby Langur.
05:30 PM Near Bijumatta Talaab Spotted Deer males interlocking antlers for harem of females, seen very active with much rutting calls after a slight shower, and with temperature much cooler.
06:20 PM On main road towards Karmajhiri gate Indian Gaur herd seen active and browsing on bamboo.
22/04/14 06:40 AM at Jhandi Matta pahari Repeated alarm calls of Peacocks, followed by the odour of an old kill
08:30 AM Pyorthadi area on route from Bijumatta to Juniwani waterhole A 45 minute sighting of Male Leopard on a young Spotted Deer kill, after feeding for some time, stacking it up by covering the remaining with leaves, settling down on the rocks above, amazingly not bothered by the presence of 10 odd jeeps at the site. Agitated by the jungle crows trying to scavenge on the kill, extremely wary to forest labourers on foot. Langurs not bothered by his presence except for when on the move.
09:30 AM Bijumatta Jamunala tiraha Single Jackal observed feeding on the Tendu fruit.
03:45 PM At Jhandi Matta pahari Alarm calls of Spotted Deer, followed by sighting of Karma male Tiger resting. Irritated by flies, and belly full indicating that he could have had a good feed.
04:00 PM While at Jhandi Matta Pahari watching Tiger resting Repeated Alarm Calls coming in from the direction road towards Sagon Van, Karma Male Tiger taking notice by listening to it before settling down to rest again. Also, a Pair of Malabar Pied Hornbills sighted.
05:20 PM At Jhandi Matta Pahari Karma Male Tiger crossing the road.
06:15 PM At Rayyakassa Meduim Sized single Male Gaur observed browsing on Lantana
23/04/14 06:20 AM Imli Marg Golpahari Road crossing Strong alarm calls of Common langur, Male Tiger sighted crossing the open and using lantana as cover to camouflage and disappear into the bushes
06:45 AM At waterhole Adult and Juvenile Painted Storks working together to get the fish out into the shallow waters. Juvenile Painted stork feeding on a large fish, mixed birds also feeding on fish exposed in the shallows due to drying up of waterhole, including White throated kingfisher and Open billed storks
07:45 AM Gol Pahari enroute to Mahadev Ghat 4 Female Nilgai sighted along with a fawn, one among the female appears pregnant.
08:30 AM Lantana bushes Near to Mahadev Ghat, and Golpahari Alarm calls of Spotted Deer repeatedly followed by Jackals alarming, possibility of Big Cat near to Jackal Den.
10:30 AM Under the banyan tree in the lodge Indian Garden Lizard and Peninsular Rock Agama on the rock, in close proximity to each other and comfortable to each other’s presence.
05:20 PM At Jamtara Village overlooking the fields near the local school Rosy Starlings sighted along with a flock of Rose Ringed and Plum Headed Parakeets.
24/04/14 06:45 AM At Jhandi Matta Pahari A pair of Malabar Pied Hornbills sighted
07:20 AM At Mulkunda meadow area A pair of Jackals sighted on the move, Spotted Deer herd alert with tales up, and on a run.
05:30 PM In Buffer on the main road, forest between   Jamtara to Kumbhpani Crested Hawk Eagle sighted on a nest
06:45 PM Forest outside Karmajhiri gate between National Park and Buffer Leopard sighted and being chased by Wild Boar, amazingly not shy to the presence of vehicle.
25/04/14 06:40 AM Sagon Van Pair of White Eyed Buzzards sighted together
07:45 AM Mulkunda meadow Single spotted Deer alarm looking down at a dip, while nearby Spotted Deer, Sambar and Wild Boar not too bothered
09:45 AM Near Sukur Pen Crested Hawk Eagle mobbed by 3 Black Drongos.
03:30 PM Nala near Sukur Pen Wild Boar seen taking shade under an Arjun tree after wallowing
26/04/14 05:55 AM On Jamtara main road Pug Marks of Tigress
06:20 AM Near cheria camp on the dry Pench river Calls of Stork Billed Kingfisher, a pair sighted together
06:30 AM Road coming in from Tikari to Cheria Maidaan camp across the Pench river Fresh Pug Marks of Tigress having walked towards Mahadev Ghat
08:30 AM On Aliktta meadow near to the road Monitor Lizard observed being mobbed by a pair of Green Bee Eaters.
27/04/14 04:10 PM At Mulkunda Waterhole Sambar feeding on water vegetation
05:50 PM Near Bison Camp Repeated Alarm Calls of Spotted Deer
06:10 PM Jhandi Matta Sagon Van road Wild Boar Scavenging on the remains of a Monitor Lizard
06:28 PM 200m from the Karmajhiri gate towards main route Tigress sighted hidden in Lantana, uneasy and agitated to close proximity of jeep, making space to lie down another 100 metres away on the fire line
28/04/14 06:10 AM Imli Marg Road Odour of an Old Kill, sharp alarm calls to the left of Spotted Deer
06:12 AM Forest Between Imli Marg and Gumtara Road Sharp alarm calls of Spotted Deer and Langurs, repeated for a good 5 min
08:20 AM Cheria Maidaan near camp Pair of Indian Rollers with the male doing a rolling display
08:50 AM Meadow behind Alikatta camp Green Bee Eater nesting hole near banks of the receding waterhole. Also, single White Rumped Vulture sighted on a dead branch
09:45 AM At Mulkunda Waterhole Mixed herd of Sambar Wild Boar and Langurs drinking, grazing, Wallowing and feeding.
11:00 AM Under the Banyan tree in the lodge Troop of Langurs taking shelter from the heat under the shade of the tree, Garden Lizard and Peninsular Rock Agama once again seen in close proximity to each other, Garden Lizard hunts a bug, partly coloration for breeding seen.
08:15 PM At the Lodge Domino Beetle sighted
10:00 PM Outside the parking of the Lodge A Ferrell Cat similar to Rusty Spotted Cat sighted
10:15 PM At the Diversion of Tikari road from Kumbpani road in Buffer A sub adult Jungle Cat Sighted
29/04/14 07:00 AM Kuliya Tongi in Buffer Old Bear Scats, Chital and Nilgai spotted near by
07:10 AM Ahead from Kuliya Tongi and towards Kumbhpani road Fresh Bear scats with signs of Tendu fruit
09:15 PM Amongst Trees near Tent No 6 Familiar sounds of Palm Civets quarrelling
Across the nalla near Tent 4 A Pair of Palm Civets sighted
01/05/14 05:30 AM Imli Marg Fresh kill and half eaten of Spotted Deer, Alarm calls of Langur inside forests towards main road.
06:30 AM Road continuing from Imli Marg to Golpahari Adult male and young male Nilgai spotted together
07:20 AM Cheria Maidaan tiraha Large Monitor Lizard spotted using the hollow base of Mahua tree as a hide
02/05/14 07:15 AM Under the banyan tree inside the property Mixed flock of birds, that includes tickle’s blue flycatcher, common iora, purple sunbird, magpie robin to name a few.
07:20 AM Between dining area and Tent path to Tent 4 indie Lodge area Indian Grey Mongoose sighted, extremely shy.

Naturalist Observation Chart 2014-15

Date and Time Place Occurrence
16/10/14 07:15 AM Cheria Meadows 3 Shikras sighted near to each other, and a little away a single White Eye Buzzard.
09:15 AM Main road near to Jamtara gate Single Ruddy mongoose, sighted feeding on insects.
03:30 PM At Mulkunda waterhole Congregation of herbivores: Sambar, Chital, Nilgai, Rhesus Macaque and Common Langurs. Sambar observed feeding on the weeds in th water.
17/10/14 03:45 PM Buffer beyond Kumbhpani Besra sighted drinking water at a small mud pool. Jungle Babblers alarming
18/10/14 03:45 PM at Cheria Maidaan Shikra sighted, Spotted Deer alert to passing Jackals.
19/10/14 06:20 AM On main road Pack of 3 Wild Dogs sighted, playing and bonding, female observed with developed teats and pregnant.
06:45 AM Road from Manora Camp to Jhandi Matta tiraha Fresh Pug marks of Male Tiger having walked on the road.
08:30 AM At Alikatta meadows Honey Buzzard and a good six White Rumped Vultures seen soaring.
20/11/14 06:15 AM At junction of Khursal Ghat and main road Herd of about a dozen Gaur, females, 3 young ones and juveniles sighted.
06:30 AM On main road Pack of 3 Wild Dogs sighted
06:45 AM On main road near to Jhandi matta road tiraha Single Male Gaur sighted, also Common and White Throated Kingsisher sighted side by side, Crested Hawk Eagle sighted lovrelloking the water and calling.
07:45 AM At Kullu tek Strong alarm calls of Common Langurs, Male Leopard sighted, rolling over in grass with full bellye, dropping scat on grassy patch, seen obsreved rubbing with hind paws, before dissappearing into the forests towards Jhandi Matta.
04:20 PM At bijumatta waterhole 3 adult male Nilgai sighted together.
09:00 PM At buffer forests between Jamtara and Kumbhpani on main road Single Palm Civet sighted wary of Jeep presence.
21/10/14 06:45 AM Road between Manora Camp and Jhandi matta tiraha Male tiger pug marks having walked on road and scat found as well
07:40 AM Jhandi Matta Alarm calls of Parakeets and Jungle Babblers, Brown Wood Owl sighted.
08:45 AM At Alikatta Meadows About a dozen Vultures seen soaring, Black Necked Stork sighted as well.
04:30 PM At pyorthadi Strong Alarm Calls of multiple spotted deer followed by peacocks for around 15 minutes
05:45 PM At kali pahari tiraha Young Male Tiger sighted
22/10/14 06:20 AM On main road Gaur Herd sighted, seen browsing on lantana.
08:30 AM At Juniwaani waterhole Crested Serpent Eagle sighted seen in hunting mode, looking on to the ground near the water’s edge.
23/10/14 08:40 AM At Alikatta Meadows Parakeets 4 in total alarming at a tree hole, Monitor Lizard sighted looking out of the tree hole.
10:40 AM On main road Pack of 3 Wild Dogs sighted resting in shade atop rocks.
24/10/14 08:50 AM On the road between Kaali pahari tiraha to Bijumatta Jamunaal tiraha Pack of 2 Wild Dogs curious to the presence of a Big Cat in the lantana bushes before moving on, Langurs continous alarms, Male Leopard sighted.
03:50 PM near Mulkunda waterhole moving towards fireline Family of 5 Jackals sighted
25/10/14 02:45 PM Near to Manora Camp Racquet Tailed Drongo sighted, observed mimicking the call of Crested Hawk Eagle.
03:50 PM At Boda Naala Pack of 12 Wild Dogs sighted on the move with full bellies
27/10/14 06:50 AM at Jhandi matta Tiger pug marks on the road
07:30 AM pyorthadi Strong alarm calls of Langur and Spotted Deer, Male Leopard sighted moving between rocks
07:45 AM Road towards Baage naala from Joramunara Tigress observed with kill of Young Sambar, sighted feeding on it , before dragging the carcass into deeper forests.
09:30 PM From atop machaan of camp Brown Fish Owl sighted.
28/10/14 07:00 AM Baas Naala Herd of around dozen Gaur sighted, some seen browsing on bamboo
10:00 AM On main road 3 Wild Dog pack sighted.
09:30 PM Buffer forests between Jamtara and Kumbhpaani Indian Eagle Owl sighted.
09:45 PM Buffer forests beyond Kumbhpaani Mottled Wood Owl sighted
02/11/14 03:30 PM Cheria Camp Pug marks of male tiger down at the river. 3 Jackals sighted on the other side of the river.
04:45 PM Road between Cheria Maidaan and Mahadev Ghat Pair of Wild Dogs sighted
03/11/14 06:20 AM Fire line next to Karmajhiri gate Sambar Male sighted observed taking scent of females, pursuing two of them, marking the start of rut.
06:30 AM On main road near to Khursal ghat junction Pack of 3 Wild Dogs, Alpha male, female and a juvenile sighted playing and bonding with each other before moving on.
07:45 AM At Alikatta meadow Rhesus Macaque male seen intimidating single Jackal, here the canid is seen avoiding the primate and moving on.
03:15 PM At baas naala Herd of Gaur sighted with females and young ones.
03:30 PM At Joramunara road Jungle Babblers sighted alarming to the presence of a pair of Ruddy Mongoose.
04:15 PM At Juniwaani waterhole Paradise Flycatcher sighted, Single Male Sambar comes to drink while continuous alarming is heard inside the forests of langurs.
04/11/14 08:30 AM At Juniwaani waterhole Crested Serpent Eagle and single Indian Vulture sighted next to each other atop dead branches.
09:45 AM Road from Juniwani to Bijumatta, near pyothari Tigress sighted crossing the road, peacock alarms gather as she disappears into the forests.
04:00 PM Mulkunda Waterhole Spotted Deer female looks on wary to the presence of a pair of Jackals
04:45 PM Baas naala Gaur herd sighted with young ones, juveniles, and females, and a single male Gaur pursuing two females, rutting call by the bull.
05:20 PM At Bison Camp Leopard sighted with kill of Langur in its mouth.
05/11/14 06:35 AM Forests near Bison Camp Continuous alarm of Spotted Deer, Leopardess sighted taking down Male stag, let’s go due to distraction of Jeeps, Stag takes a while before making a run for it. Settles down in the distance, hurt in the hind leg.
09:30 AM Near to Kullu Tek road towards Sita Ghat Collared Tigress and Cubs sighted feeding on Sambar carcass, Jackal looks on from nearby. Collared Tigress settles down after a full belly atop a rock.
04:30 PM At Juniwaani waterhole Paradise Flycatcher sighted, Peacock alarming to the presence of Crested Serpent Eagle.
04:50 PM At Bijumatta Waterhole Single Male Gaur Bull in rutting, calling, showing strength by pushing down a tree with head butts.
06/11/14 06:30 AM Near to Kullu Tek road towards Sita Ghat Collared Tigress sighted with her 3 sub adult cubs, full bellies.
07:00 AM At Meadow behind Alikatta First winter migrant Duck Sighted, a single Ruddy Shel duck.
08:30 AM At Meadow behind Alikatta Crested Hawk Eagle calling from a distance, a pair of Grey Headed Fish eagle sighted together atop a branch, gathering twigs, hence marking the start of their breeding.
04:45 PM On main road near to 25 no. Bage Naala Female sighted on the road with her sub adult cubs.
07/11/14 08:20 AM Road from Pyorthadi to Chidimatta Camp Chindimatta Female sighted with 3 Sub Adult cubs atop a rock.
09:20 AM At Kullu Tek Collared Tigress 3 Sub Adult Cubs sighted together, playing and mock fighting before moving on to the forests of Bison Camp while roaring, later stalking and Pursuing herd of Gaur who make a run and herd up together.
04:20 PM Near Bijumatta waterhole Gaur Herd sighted with male Bull in rutt
04:45 PM Near to Alikatta fireline Family of 3 Jackals sighted, Nilgai wary of their presence.
08/11/14 06:30 AM from Kullu tek to Bison Camp forests Pug marks of Collared Tigress Sub Adult Cubs observed.
06:50 AM Sagon Van Karma Male tiger sighted, scent marking and roaring before moving on to dense forests towards Mulkunda Fireline
08:30 AM Alikatta Meadows Grassland birds sighted near to each other, Zitting Cisticola, Stonechats, Bushcats, Rollers, and Bee Eaters. Black Necked Stork sighted soaring. Shikra calling atop a branch with drongos trying to mob it.
04:30 PM At Juniwaani waterhole Crested Serpent Eagle sighted, with continuous alarming from Parakeets, and White Browed Fan tail Flycatcher Shrike seen trying to mob the bird of prey from close quarters. A Jackal drinks while on high alert all the time.
05:15 PM While on return from main road First time rutting call heard this season of male spotted deer in the distance.
09/11/14 06:35 AM Park boundary near to Gumtara entry 3 ferrel dogs sighted, langurs alarming to their presence.
07:00 AM Tiraha near to Mahadev Ghat Pair of Wild Dogs sighted on the move, dropping scat at the junction of roads.
17/11/14 07:45 AM Aali Jhora naala Juvenile Crested Hawk Eagle Calling
08:00 AM Joramunra Road near to Jhandi Matta tiraha Spotted Deer herd alert with presence of a pair of Jackals
03:30 PM Joramunara road. Indian Rock Python sighted camouflaged among leaves and branches on ground floor, shy to jeep presence, very near to spotted deer herd.
04:00 PM Near to Sagon Van Mulkunda tiraha Fresh scat from the afternoon of Tiger on the road.
05:10 PM At naala near to Bison Camp Ruddy Mongoose seen digging up on a stream bed, Jungle Babblers alarming and trying to mob away the animal.
18/11/14 08:30 AM Near to Mulkunda Waterhole Jackal seen feeding on an old kill, part of spotted Deer leg.
11:00 AM Near to camp parking area Single Eurasian Sparrow hawk sighted soaring.
03:15 PM Near to Jamatara gate to near bakori Camp Pack of 4 Wild Dogs sighted bonding, with the youngest one, with slight scar on the rump, before moving on to the buffer area.
03:45 PM On the road Near to Bakori camp Adult Male Tiger on the move, seen scent marking, un bothered by close proximity of Jeep, last seen moving towards Main road area. Nilgai seen alarming to the presence of the tiger.
04:15 PM Sighted on Gol Pahari Meadow near to Mahadev Ghat 3 Grey Headed Fish Eagle, calling as in in breeding, with two in quarrel.
19/11/14 06:45 AM Road junction between Tikari, Sukur Bend, and Pench River crossing Large herd of Gaur, 3 young ones, females, and 2 adult males seen browsing
07:15 AM Sukur Bend Young new born spotted deer fawn sighted hiding in the tall grass, before moving on with mother deer.
04:30 PM Forests behind camp Machaan Fresh Pug marks of Male Tiger on stream bed. Old pug marks of Leopardess on stream bed.
20/11/14 09:30 AM On main road from Cheria Maidaan Pair of Wild Dogs sighted on the move
21/11/14 06:45 AM Near to Bakori Camp Herd of Gaur sighted Browsing with four young ones
08:45 AM On road from Mahadev Ghat to cheria Maidaan Pair of Wild Dogs sighted, seen dropping on the road before moving on.
04:15 PM At Gol Pahari Meadows Large herd of Spotted Deer observed, of around 100 and above, males seen trying to gather round their own harem, Nilgai herd of females and young ones of about 7 sighted along with the Chital herd. Osprey sighted in the distance, overlooking the river, atop a dry branch near to a few Wolly Necked Stork.
22/11/14 03:45 PM Naala near to Bakori camp Single black stork sighted, Nilgai female seen with two very young offsprings.
04:30 PM Road from Mahadev Ghat leading towards Cheria Maidaan Pair of Wild Dogs sighted, dropping scat on road before moving on.
23/11/14 07:00 AM On Main Road near to Bison Camp Collared Tigress with 2 out of her 3 sub adult cubs sighted, preparing for hunt, Mock fighting and playing before stalking Wild Boar
07:30 AM Near to Manora Camp Male Tiger pug marks on the road
07:45 AM Baas Naala Fresh Pug marks of female tiger, with alarm calls nearby
03:00 PM Inside forests of Bison Camp near to naala Single Sub Adult cub of Collared Tigress sighted resting on rock, before moving into deeper forests, alarm calls by Nilgai, Sambar and Langurs when Tiger on move.
24/11/14 08:00 AM near to Bijumatta Jamunaala Tiraha Collared Tigress sighted
08:45 AM Between Kali Pahari Tiraha and alikatta lantana forests Collared Tigress sighted moving, and being harassed by single Jackal.
04:15 PM Near to Kali Pahari Tiraha, Collared Tigress’es 2 Sub Adults cubs sighted playing and moving towards Alikatta meadow
04:45 PM Kali Pahari Tiraha to 25 no main road Male Tiger walking on the road, depositing scat on the road before disappearing into the bushes.
25/11/14 06:30 AM On main road near to joramunara tiraha Orange Headed Thrush sighted
07:00 AM Near to Bison Camp Single Jackal with a kill in its mouth that of Southern Coucal.
07:45 PM Near to Bijumatta Jamunaala tiraha Single Male Gaur sighted
08:45 AM At Piyorthadi Continuous alarm call of numerous peacocks, single Jackal seen alert.
04:30 PM From Mahadev Ghat Water Birds sighted: a juvenile Grey Heron, Little Egret, Intermediate Egret, Open Billed Stork, Ruddy Shel duck, Spt Bill Ducks, and Wolly Necked Stork.
26/11/14 07:40 AM On main road 4 Adult Male Sambars sighted together, and a pair of Malabar Pied Hornbills.
08:30 AM At Gol Pahari Meadows 4 Red Naped Ibis sighted together, Soft Shell turtle dead specimen seen caught at a fishing net stranded from the receding waters
27/11/14 07:45 AM Between Joramunara to Boda naala Camp Fresh Pug marks of Tigress walking on the road
08:40 AM Road towards Baage Naala from Joramunara Camp Baage Naala Tigress sighted crossing the road.
03: 15 PM On main road Racquet tail Drongo seen mimicking call of Shikra
28/11/14 09:15 AM Near to Joramunara camp Pair of Wild Dogs sighted
03:45 PM Road from Gumtara to Gol Pahari Sounder of 17 Wild Boars, Females, Males and Piglets sighted together
04:15 PM From Mahadev Ghat, on opposite bank of Pench River Pair of Indian Jungle Crows seen trying to pinch fish recently caught by a single Grey Headed Fish Eagle
29/11/14 10:20 AM Main Road opposite hill near Kullu Tek Single Male Wild Boar scavenging on spotted deer carcass
02:50 PM Main Road opposite hill near Kullu Tek Leopard sighted at spotted deer carcass
03:20 PM Near fire line next to Kamajhiri gate 2 Wild Dogs sighted, playing and re bonding, Alpha male and a sub adult
01/12/14 03:30 PM Mulkunda waterhole Interaction of Common Langurs and Rhesus Macaque, Macaque standing up to Langur intimidation.
03:50 PM Juniwani Waterhole Tiger sighted on the move.
20/02/15 03:15 PM Single Ferrel Dog sighted hunting down fawn of Axis Deer, mother Deer sighted trying to do a zig zag run to come between Dog and Fawn. Imli Marg road
04:30 PM Multiple Axis Deer Male rutting, seen more active after the rains Gol Pahaari Meadows
21/02/15 06:45 AM Pair of Sloth Bear sighted together Chital Pahaari Road
22/02/15 07:30 AM Sounder of Wild Boars sighted digging and feeding on the soft roots after the rains Gol Pahaari Meadows
08:00 AM Indian and White Rump Vultures sighted on the same branch Gol Pahaari Meadows
05:45 PM Young Male Tiger sighted Imli Maarg Road
23/02/15 07:30 AM Single Male Wild Boar sighted injured from a predator attack and bleeding, but unbothered and seen digging into the soft roots. Murram Gadda
08:20 AM Sharp alarm calls of Langurs and Axis Deer followed by Leopard sawing call in the distance Bison Camp-Sagon Van forests.
09:00 AM Single Wild Dog sighted resting on a rock Sagon Van Joramunara road
09:30 AM Sharp alarm calls of Langur and Spotted Deer Joramunara Tiraha
04:45 PM Male Leopard sighted and on the move, alarm calls of spotted Deer, Langur and Sambar Baage Naala purana talaab
05:30 PM Single Wild Dog on the move, Axis Deer maintaining distance and running off keeping a distance Mulkunda
06:00 PM Collarwaali sighted on the move, scent marking before settling down Sagon Van Tiraha
24/02/15 09:00 AM Reported sightings of 2 Male Tigers side by side and on the move. Bijumatta talaab
04:45 PM Langri Tigress and single Sub sighted, and observed continuously calling out to the missing cubs Pyorthadi
25/02/15 09:45 PM Sawing call of Leopard followed by sharp alarm calls of Sambar, Axis Deer and Langurs Stream bed bordering tents no 2 and 3, near to the camp.
26/02/15 06:00 PM Coalition of 3 Brother Tigers sighted Sita Ghat
09:30 PM Single Sloth Bear sighted, Almost a dozen Gaur sighted grazing and browsing together. Buffer forests between Kumbpaani and Halaal Kala,
27/02/15 08:30 AM Collarwaali Tigress sighted Seen on the move from Sita Ghat to Gulu Tek tiraha
28/02/15 04:30 PM Wild Dog pack of 4 adults and 3 pups sighted, juvenile Wild Dog seen playing with its younger sibling, one of the pups, while another seen feeding on an old kill Forests near to 1 no. Dyke
01/03/15 06:40 AM Single Sloth Bear sighted Imli Maarg
02/03/15 08:30 AM Collared Tigress sighted feeding on a Sambar kill while resting in intervals Sagon Van forests
06/03/15 05:30 PM Pied Kingfisher seen hunting, and feeding juvenile in mid air, Bird of Prey sighted on a perch( closest possible of a Greater Indian spotted Eagle), constant alarm calls of Spotted Deer and Langurs, Crested Serpent Eagle pair sighted Kumbpaani Lake
06:15 PM Multiple Fruit Eating Bats seen socialising persched up side down on a tree. Kumbpaani village
06:30 PM Sharp alarm calls of Spotted Deer and Langurs. Buffer forests between Kumbpaani and Jamtara
07/03/15 07:00 AM Single Alpha Male Wild Dog sighted and seen smelling pug mark of Tiger, leading his pack away from direction of Tiger movement and on for a hunt, along with 4 adult dogs and 4 pups of the pack Sita Ghat Rayakassa tiraha
07:45 AM One of the 3 Brother Tigers sighted On the Sita Ghat Road
08/03/15 05:45 PM Coalition of 3 brother Tigers sighted Kaali Maati lantana jungle
06:20 PM Young Male Tiger sighted, while roaring of another Tiger is heard in the opposite direction. Main Road baas jungle
12/03/15 06:30 AM Single Wild Dog sighted and on the move, pair of Jackals see alert on the sight of the Wild Dog Cheria Maidaan
09:45 AM Gaur mother sighted with twin calves Imli Maarg main road
05:30 PM Single Wild Dog seen trying to separate young Sambar fawn from Mother and juvenile Sambar, Male Blue Bull unbothered by Wild Dog passing by Alikata Doob
06:15 PM Wild Dog pack of Alpha male, female and 2 pups sighted. Main road, Chital pahaari road tiraha
13/03/15 06:20 PM Gaur observed alert while Axis Deer and Langurs heard alarming constantly. Crossing near to Jamtara entrance
14/03/15 09:15 AM Baage Naala Tigress and Sub Adult Cubs sighted resting in the lantana bushes with full bellies Baage Naala Main road
15/03/15 05:45 PM Single Langur seen stranded atop rocks on the meadows with 3 Jackals surrounding the prey, before making the kill when the primate tried to escape Mahadev Ghat meadows
10:30 PM Continuous roaring of Tiger Just outside the camp, in the direction of the fields.
16/03/15 04:30 PM One of the 3 Brother coalition Tigers sighted sleeping in the lantana cover with a full belly. Kaali Maati
17/03/15 07:15 AM Pug Marks of Tiger having walked the road before tracks seem to disappear towards Chital Pahaari Forests. Cheria Meadow Mahadev Ghat road
07:30 AM Pair of Wild Dogs sighted Gumtara Mahadev Ghat Road
08:30 AM Collared Tigress sighted having walked from Bison Camp towards 7 no and Sagon Van tiraha Gullu Tek tiraha
08:45 AM Rhesus Macaque sighted giving birth to a new borne. Bison Camp Sagon Van tiraha Road
04:30 PM Strong alarm calls of Langur and spotted Deer Jhandi Matta road
05:15 PM Single Brother Tiger sighted amongst the 3 Brother Coalition with full belly sleeping Murram Gadda
18/03/15 08:45 AM Pair of Indian Rollers sighted attacking a snake hidden amongst the Mexican Poppy. Gol Pahaari Meadows
05:30 PM Honey Buzzard sighted, tracks of Leopard on the dry stream bed, signs of an Indian Roller having being devoured by a Bird of prey discovered. Buffer Forests between Camp and Kumbpaani
19/03/15 04:00 PM Reporting of 3 Brother Coalition having hunted down and feeding on a Blue Bull( Nilgai ) Rayakassa
20/03/15 07:00 AM Alarm calls of Spotted Deer and Langurs Rayakassa
08:00 AM Brahminy Starlings and Pale Billed Flower sighted taking nectar from Palaash flowers Gol Pahaari Meadows
22/03/15 05:00 PM Tracks of Gaur, Sambar sighted along with a pair of Honey Buzzards. Buffer Forests between Camp and Tikari Kumbhpaani road
23/03/15 06:20 AM Young Male Tiger Sighted Imli Marg Naala
06:45 AM Single Sloth Bear sighted moving into the lantana Imli Marg and Chital Pahaari road crossing
07:00 AM Roaring of Single Tiger heard Inside forests between Mahadev Ghat and Cheria Ghat caves
07:45 AM Single Male Wild Dog sighted Main road Jhandi Matta tiraha
24/03/15 08:30 AM Single Male Wild Dog sighted and on the move Gadsekhia Tiraha
08:40 AM Male Tiger sighted, showing shy behaviour and on the move towards Doob area Gadsekhia Tiraha
04:00 PM Single Jackal sighted successfully hunting down an Axis Deer fawn, using the murky waters to prevent the prey from running, mother Deer seen initially trying to come between Jackal and fawn. Juniwaani waterhole
05:00 PM Langri Tigress sighted making her way to the waterhole, Sambar Deer herd at the water’s edge alarming but staying put at the water’s edge. Bijumatta waterhole
05:45 PM Collarwaali Tigress sighted on the move from Murram gadda to Mahadev Ghat meadows View from Mahadev Ghat
25/03/15 07:00 AM Jackal moving between Wild Boar and Spotted Deer, Crested Hawk Eagle Juvenile sighted overlooking the waters Alikatta Doob
07:20 AM Coalition of 3 Brother Tigers sighted playing with one another before moving into the lantana using it as cover to stalk prey, one brother moving on to the other side while two other sticking together, followed by Langur alarm calls 7 No. Lantana and Sagon Van Joramunara tiraha
09:00 AM Single Fresh Water Turtle sighted, Indian Pond heron Sighted with a Dragonfly in its beak using it as bait to attract fish. Juniwaani Waterhole
26/03/15 07:40 AM Common Langurs observed feeding on the palaash flower. Near to Baag Deov Tiraha
08:30 AM Herd of Gaur, Nilgai, Sambar, and axis deer seen observed browsing and grazing together. Sapaat area on the Jaamunaala Chindimata road.
05:20 PM Crested Hawk Eagle sighted, alarms from Jungle Babblers Buffer forests between Jamtara and Kumbhpaani
27/03/15 04:45 PM Wild Dog pack of 3 adults and 1 Pup sighted cooling off at the saucer near to camp. Forests between Tikari and Karmajhiri.
05:00 PM Alarm calls by Axis Deer and Langur Monkey Naala inside Forests between Tikari and Karmajhiri
05:10 PM Ferrel Dog pack of 3 seen pursuing Axis Deer Forests between Tikari and Karmajhiri


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